We Automate Growth

We are providing organizational process and sales workflows to automate and grow your salesWe are building sales machines so your sales team will know what to do every day with every potential client. They will close better deals faster.

What We Do...
We build customized sales processes and workflows that are unique to your business to save you time and money.  


  • Create Vision
  • Create goals, objectives and milestones
  • Identify needs
  • Understand offer
  • Discover your Ideal Client Profile


  • We build sales tech stacks
  • We create customized sales workflows
  • We automate sales
  • We integrate technology


  • We support processes and workflows
  • We measure metrics and analytics
  • We launch campaigns and manage campaigns
  • We provide automation and integration management 

Why Hire Us?

Average Sales Program

Only 24% of Sales Reps exceed their yearly goals

$15,000 in hiring costs + $20,000 in training

What are you losing when your Sales Rep doesn't meet their quota?

Manic Marketing Delivers

Increase booked meetings

Save in hiring and internal training costs

Investment to grow consistent sales

Automated outreach which allows Sales Reps to focus on closing deals


We build sales tools to close more deals in less time.


We eliminate the majority of outreach so your sales team can do what they do best-SELL

We create Custom sales workflows and sales playbooks so your team knows exactly what to do every day

  • Custom sales playbooks unique to each business
  • Every offer is unique so should be your sales process-You think it, we build it
  • Individualized sales automation

How Do I Get Started?​

Let's Chat

  • Schedule an appointment to discuss your unique sales and marketing challenges with our team.

Fill out our contact form or webchat.

Let’s Chat


Our first meeting is always complimentary. 

We use this time to learn more about your company and your unique challenges. 

This gives us enough information to outline custom solutions for your company.


  • Provide a timeline of services that contain pricing and how to get started. 

Time to Build

When you like what we offer;

  • We schedule a kick-off call
  • We start building your ideal sales workflow


Tools we work with

Integrately - Integrate Your Apps In 1 Click

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